RonMar Studios Inc. is a full-service content production company with development and consultation divisions. Founded by award-winning partners who possess a deep knowledge of distribution models in today’s vast media landscape, our company is successful in a multitude of media genres and production styles.  RonMar Studios executes at the highest level of production with in-depth storytelling, and creative and journalistic integrity. We deliver on time, on budget, and exceed expectations for our clients who range from corporations, non-profits, cable, broadcasters, and streaming platforms.  Our superb quality product always informs, entertains, and makes an impact.

  • Video Programming
  • Media Training
  • Show Concepts & Sizzles
  • Writing
  • Project Development
  • Budgets
  • Series Production
  • Virtual Events
  • Consultation


Tavistock Group proudly partnered with RonMar Studios to produce our annual signature event, the 2022 Lake Nona Impact Forum. This is a complicated event, with a range of high profile speakers, as well as very stimulating, dense content. The RonMar team integrated seamlessly into the project team, delivered outstanding sessions, and worked closely with the speakers to create a riveting three-day forum.

RonMar was also retained to create the opening night video. This video captured the essence of everything we dreamed of and set the stage perfectly for the entire event. I was blown away with the quality of the work.

I highly recommend this exceptionally talented team to anybody who is looking for excellence, passion, and creativity.

Gloria Caulfield
Founder & Executive Director
Lake Nona Impact Forum

Everyone should hire Roni Selig. I’ve done it twice — to run Sanjay Gupta’s medical unit at CNN, which she did brilliantly, and again to stage the most audacious broadcast ever, The Call to Unite, a 24-hour livestream featuring Oprah and 200 of the world’s leading inspirational figures. None better. She’ll exceed your wildest dreams and make you look like a genius!

Jon Klein
Co-Founder of Hang Media
Former President of CNN

We (Hodosh Productions, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and CNN) hired Roni and Marcie to produce 10 videos featuring A list talent for the upcoming LIFE ITSELF event (May 2022). If I could, I’d pull a giant banner behind a plane screaming “HIRE RONMAR NOW” and fly across the country.

Marc Hodosh
Co Founder/Co Host

Roni and Marcie are talented creative professionals who have the unique ability to visualize their client’s stories and turn them into engaging videos.   A recent PSA campaign had an unusual number of moving parts but they kept everything organized and on track and on time from pre-production to post-production.  Their attention to detail, high quality production and good nature make them a pleasure to work with.

Annette Minkalis
Executive Vice President
Connect360 Multimedia

We’ve now teamed with RonMar Studios on multiple projects and couldn’t be happier with the partnership. Roni, Marcie, and their entire crew are smart, adept, and creative. They are able to effortlessly toggle between big picture thinking and granular details. They understand what is needed in terms of visual content at this current digital moment. And the end product is always right on target.  

Steve Koester
Founder & CCO

I met Roni and Marcie of RonMar Studios in the middle of Covid in 2020. They needed a Motion Designer and a mutual friend connected us. Working with them is a breath of fresh air. They are organized, thorough producers who value the art of communication. Their eagerness to solve problems and help the process be as smooth as possible helps me know I am in good hands when working with them. They respect my time as a freelancer, and my creativity as an artist. Great qualities in a producer.

Melissa Fennel
Creative Director
SquareCat Design

We’ve worked with quite a few creative partners over the years, and Roni and Marcie are truly at the top of the list. Their creative vision and know-how, plus their ability to juggle a huge list of projects, tasks, collaborators, and vendors is truly remarkable. They are intelligent, flexible, responsive and graceful under pressure. They bring professionalism and a deep sense of purpose to their projects, which is evident in the final product. We would 100% work with them again and in the meantime you should too!

Archie Gottesman and Stacy Stuart
Co Creators

The Cura Foundation engaged Roni and Marcie to assist in creating a PSA campaign as part of the Unite to Prevent campaign. The performance exceeded all expectations. Roni and Marcie are bright, creative, diligent and “gets it done”.  We are already talking about what to do next!

Robin Smith MD MBA
Founder and President
Cura Foundation